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Source: Algarve Daily News

19-year-old boy murdered in Vilamoura nightclub

The 19-year-old staff member, who was shot at the door of a nightclub in the Algarve didn’t survive his injuries and died after being taken to Faro Hospital.

"Greedy" and "arrogant", say British consumers dissatisfied with Ryanair in survey

A survey on services provided by some of the UK's most prominent brands puts Ryanair in the last place.

Portuguese fishing vessel detained in Irish waters for alleged fishing regulation breach until €150k bond is paid

A Portuguese-registered fishing vessel was detained in Irish waters by the Irish Navy Service on Thursday, 22nd of August.

Castro Marim council supports Volunteer Firefighters with 100,000 euro contribution

The Castro Marim Council has provided 100,000 euros of support to the Vila Real de St. António and Castro Marim Humanitarian Association of Voluntary Firefighters over this year.

Algarve Socialist Party assures healthcare is “top priority in the next legislature”, amidst nurse strike

"Health issues are a top priority for the Algarve socialists in the next legislature." These are the words of Jamila Madeira, Socialist Party candidate for the Algarve, at the end of a series of meetings, this Wednesday, August 21, in São Brás de Alportel and Faro.

Fuel truck drivers’ union spokesman steps down

Pedro Pardal Henriques, spokesman for Hazardous Material Drivers’ Union (SNMMP), has announced that he will no longer be the face of the Union.

New species of carnivorous dinosaur identified in the Iberian Peninsula

A new species of carnivorous dinosaur has been identified in the province of Castellon in Spain, the first representative of the group on the Iberian Peninsula to which they gave the name 'Vallibonavenatrix cani'.

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