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Source: Algarve Daily News

Faro council irate at recycling bin locations

Faro Council, quite rightly, has the huff with the waste collection service from Algar whose new ecopoints are placed in such a way as to 'disrespect mobility,' as well as being the old-fashioned type, hadly in keeping with the regional capital's desired image.  The Council has sent a stern letter to Algar about the stupidity of placing recycling bins on pavements that normally are used by people to walk along, adding that the bins are the old type and hardly in keeping with the image of the regional capital which is spending much time and money on upgrading its urban image.

Hero firefighter qualifies for €267-a-month disability payment

Rui Rosinha was serious burnt when fighting last summer’s fire in Castanheira de Pera, Leiria and so far has been in surgery 14 times to repair the injuries to his body.   The fireman spent six months in hospital after he was 85% incapacitated after fighting the June 2017 blaze in which 60 people died.

Finnish pensioners in Portugal lose tax free status

Finland has torn up its tax treaty with Portugal, stripping expatriate Finnish pensioners of their tax free status.   The tax agreement prevented a Finnish citizen from being taxed twice on the same income but ran into trouble when Finland realised its pensioners living in Portugal were not being taxed at all.

Lagos Council to protect natural wetland site "of the utmost importance"

In February this year, four Algarve MPs from the ruling Socialist Party recommended the classification and preservation of wetlands in the region.   The MPs, Luís Graça, Ana Passos, António Eusébio and Fernando Anastácio, submitted a draft resolution suggesting that the government comes up with a concerted action plan to protect key sites in collaboration with the Association of Municipalities of the Algarve, in particular with Lagos, Silves, Albufeira and Loulé councils.

Anti-oil battle - Faro Council urges government to "listen to the people"

Faro Council has demanded that the government immediately suspends all oil and gas exploration off the Algarve coast.   Joining a chorus of protest from across the region and nationally, Faro Council also states that it is totally unacceptable to carry on drilling without first commissioning an Environmental Impact Assessment.

Olhão's old market area to become 'modern and multipurpose'

Olhão’s western approach is to be remodelled to turn it from a “hitherto, little cared for zone, into a green and pleasant leisure area with gardens, urban beaches, commercial spaces and a new hotel.” The kennels and council yard will be relocated to make way for the mayor’s €3 million building plan which will start in the first quarter of 2019.

Portimão apartment explosion was deliberate

What at first seemed like an accidental gas explosion in a seventh floor apartment in Portimão yesterday, has turned into a criminal investigation after a woman today was arrested and charged with arson.   The explosion and fire happened in a block of apartments in Rua 25 de Abril. Local fire fighters rushed to the scene to prevent the blaze spreading to other apartments and extinguished the fire in about 20 minutes.

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